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Exavier and Elijah's Testimonial
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Elijah's Testimonial:
We were practicing for baseball All-Stars last summer. There was miscommunication between the head coach and myself. He thought I wanted him to hit a line drive to my son Elijah. He hit a ball much harder than he intended. A one-hop line drive hit Elijah directly between the eyes. He dropped to the ground screaming. I was very scared for my son, especially since he was only seven years old at the time. As a physical therapist, I was able to evaluate his physical and neurological status. I was expecting blood everywhere or at the very least a concussion. We soon realized that the ball hit his goggles directly between the eyes where there was plenty of padding. I truly believe that your goggles saved my sons life or at the very least prevented a very serious injury. After 15 minutes he went back to practice fielding balls again with nothing more than a slight headache. We have since said many prayers to the Lord for picking your goggles.

Here is some irony for you. The coach that accidentally lined drive Elijah in the face recently found out that his son needs glasses. He bought the same goggles that our twins wear. Imagine that. He is really a very good guy and still feels terrible about the incident.

Exavier and Elijah's Testimonial:
My 7-year-old twins, Exavier and Elijah, wear Liberty Sport Protective Sport Eyewear goggles because of a stigmatism in their left eye. At first the other kids laughed at them while wearing the goggles, but once they started playing everyone quit laughing. They have made wearing goggles cool! It's hilarious; other kids want to be like them. Both boys play flag football and baseball and because they can see better, their performance and confidence is greatly improved.

Jason (Elijah and Exavier's dad)