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Alyssa's Testimonial
Dan Philhower Alyssa Exavier and Elijah More
Alyssa after eye injury
"Alyssa was a patient in my office for many years. She was a shortstop for the Hackensack Comets. She is a contact lens wearer and I never thought of mentioning to her about the need for protective sports eyewear. She was wearing a pair of sports performance sunglasses during practice and got hit in the eye with a ball. I obviously felt terrible when she came into the office, barely able to open her eye. She had a somewhat severe corneal abrasion and black and blue around the eye. This is right around the time of the junior prom and she was miserable. Luckily the eye healed and there was no permanent damage. It certainly was a wakeup call to me to inform ALL my patients (who play sports), even my contact lens patients, about the need for protective sports eyewear and the dangers of wearing sports performance sunglasses while playing sports." Dr. Paul Berman